Form Filler Bookmarklet from Benjamin Keen

There are a number of browser plugins for remembering and automatically filling in form fields, but this is a nice, lightweight approach I’ve been using lately to construct short-term, special-purpose bookmarklets for testing particular cases on particular pages.

  1. Create the bookmark(let) with the content from the above Form Filler Bookmarklet page
  2. Visit the page you’re testing and fill out the form with your test values
  3. Click the bookmark(let). A small window will open which contains simple instructions and a “Form #1” link to a new bookmarklet.
  4. Drag the “Form #1” bookmarklet link back to your bookmarks. Optionally rename it, put it in a folder of all your forms, etc.
  5. Whenever you need to repeat filling in that particular form with those particular values, click your new form bookmarklet